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  • Saupin Guillaume

    Saupin Guillaume

    Phd | CTO at verteego.com | Math enthusiast | Lisp Lover

  • Eligijus Bujokas

    Eligijus Bujokas

    A person who tries to understand the world through data and equations

  • Maxime Lutel

    Maxime Lutel

    Data Scientist @ Artefact

  • Sachin Date

    Sachin Date

    In-depth explanations of regression and time series models. Get the intuition behind the equations.

  • Chris Set

    Chris Set

  • Zion Badash

    Zion Badash

    Senior Data Scientist @ Hopper | ex — Wix.com | ML, Time Series, Spark and everything in between.

  • Pierre-Louis Bescond

    Pierre-Louis Bescond

    Head of Data Science @ Roquette | Industry 4.0, Data Science & Machine Learning Passionate!

  • Tatiana Gabruseva

    Tatiana Gabruseva

    Data scientist, artist, CV engineer, physicist

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